Office decorating tips during holidays


Going to work everyday during the holidays can feel like a drag, especially when it gets cold outside. More than likely all you want to do is curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch a holiday movie with your loved ones. But, unfortunately, going to work pays the bills, so you can’t just stop going for a month. But if you decorate your office space, you can bring that cheer with you. Here are some tips for decorating your office during the holidays.

Bring in a small decoration

Whether you have a cubicle desk or a whole office to decorate, putting a small trinket on your desk that represents how you celebrate the holidays will make it feel much more festive. This is a good idea of something you can do at every holiday to make it feel more festive.

Change your computer background

Another great idea of something you can do at every holiday is change your computer background to make it feel more seasonal, according to CNBC.

String lights around your desk

You may need to get approval from management for something this vocal, but stringing lights around your desk or office door can make it feel much more like home. It is a good way to cover up the boring feeling of your desk, just like a baseboard cover can make your baseboard heaters much more appealing to look at.

Mini tree, menorah, kinara

Whatever your religion or holiday preference, you can bring it in and keep it on your desk to celebrate. If you have a full office, you can bring a whole tree to put up in the corner, while those sitting at cubicles will have to resort to keeping a mini one on their desk that won’t get in the way of coworkers.

Scented pinecones

You can buy scented pinecones at practically any home goods store and put them in a bowl by your desk to give your office a holiday scent while also making it look more like winter. These can get very strong, so be careful if you have anyone with allergies in the office and be prepared to have your coworkers spending more time in your office where it feels more like home.

Have a decorating competition

If you are office manager and you want to ensure the whole office isn’t feeling the drab of having to go to work during the holidays, then make it a little fun by hosting a competition. Have all the employees do holiday decorations in their office, and offer a prize to the person that does the best job. It will get everyone excited about the competition and will make the whole place feel better for everyone.

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